Quiz Answers

Types of Organization At the Sentence Level Answers

A.  Event

On Sunday the Super Bowl was played.

There was a riot in the streets in Iran after the recent election.


B.  Definition

A telescope is an instrument for measuring distant objects.

A hero is someone who is courageous in the face of danger.


C.  Cause-Effect

Apathy in voting leads to non-representative forms of government.

If I don’t get this homework done, it will lower my grade.


D.  Sequence/Process/Procedure

Wounds heal in the following phases:  the lag phase, the fibroplasm phase, and the contraction phase.

Here’s how to make a pancake.


E.  Judgment/Evaluation

Some people think there is only good science.

There are advantages and disadvantages to power.


F.  Problem-Solution

We are struggling to figure out how to change health care coverage.

The keys to global warming must include conversation.



G.  Compare-Contrast

There are similarities and differences between the American Revolution and the Civil War.

Football and soccer are both team sports. 


H.  Generalization

Water is one of our most useful resources.

Capitalism is widely accepted as the preferred economic engine to create wealth.